Thursday, August 9, 2007

Moving Toward my Essential Self

Today is turning out to be one of those days; one of those days when my stuff is staring me right in the face, and it's a hornet's nest of limiting juicy!

I get the opportunity to look at something that I have wired up as a "have to" as in "I have to do this or else..." and decide if I am going to keep doing it or not. In order to keep this from becoming too serious and to have some fun with it, I'm going to imagine this conflict is a prizefight and in it, I have two very powerful prizefighters:

In the corner to my left, weighing in at about a ton of guilt is ALL the beliefs I have about what a good, responsible, honorable woman would do. This prizefighter is very tough, because she is fighting for her survival, and for the "prize" of being right.

In the corner to my right, weighing in at much less, but with a powerful collection of punches is my inner coach who says that the best way for me to live my life is to honor what feels right to my essential self, whether it pleases everyone else or not. This prizefighter is also very tough, because she doesn't care about being right. She knows the prize of an authentically lived life is invaluable.

And who will decide the winner of this match? From now on, all bouts of this nature will be decided by something called the body compass. The body compass is an indicator for me of when I'm moving toward or away from my essential self expression. When I'm moving away from my essential self expression what I feel in my body is what I call the "frozen rabbit." "Frozen rabbit" is the term I've given the physical characteristics that occur when I'm moving away from my essential self (i.e., my muscles seem to freeze up, my breathing becomes very shallow, and everything seems to stop, much like a rabbit does when it senses danger). It's a very "shackles on" kind of feeling.

On the other hand, when I'm moving toward my essential self, what I experience in my body is what I call "dissolving into Light." Physically, my body lifts, everything relaxes and expands, my breathing deepens, and it feels like the boundary between my physical self and everything else is dissolving. A very cool feeling and one that I have decided I want to have as much of as possible in my life.

So how is the match going to go down?

Well, my beliefs are going to come out swinging with statements like "If I renege on my commitment, I'm being irresponsible," and "Only bad people don't honor their commitment," and "If you quit now, you'll be letting everyone else down, causing them inconvenience, incurring their anger and judgment, etc."

For every one of those beliefs, my inner coach is going to counter with "Is that true? How do you know it's true? Give me three reasons why it might not be true? How do you feel physically (body compass) when you think those thoughts? How would you feel physically if you couldn't think those thoughts?"

And back and forth this bout goes. I'll need my inner coach to be in tip top shape, because my limiting beliefs have been working out regularly and intensively since I was a little girl. They're used to winning their fights.

Ultimately, though, they're no match for my inner coach, and my panel of judges knows that any beliefs that I carry that don't make my body compass swing toward "dissolving into Light" will lose by a knockout every time!

And that's the work, that's the process, that's the path to a more amazing life that I've committed to. And the results have been nothing less then miraculous for me and for my clients who do this work as well.

So, the match is about to begin. The fighters are stepping into the ring, the announcer takes his position, the judges are ready to make their ruling. Place your bets everyone...this is a fight for an amazing life.

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