Monday, March 12, 2012

It Makes No Difference

So happy to receive your e-mail. I'm not sure what I can say, as you are already saying it so beautifully and of course it seems as though you also "understand" it as well.

I'm reading that you had an awakening about 2 months ago and that you are also experiencing "stuff" around that. This "stuff" is no more or less important than any other "stuff" that "you" experience, for instance, brushing your teeth or washing the dishes.  Yet, we can often get attached to comparing "this" experience to "that" experience and then saying "this" experience is more connected to awakening and "that" one is not.

My question is: what is it that is having these awakening experiences and what is it that is not having these awakening experiences? Is not the one having the former the same as the one having the latter? And if so, then what is the difference? Attachment to the "I" thoughts is no problem for one who understands that the One attaching to the "I" thoughts is the same One realizing abiding nondual awareness.

In other words. There is only the One and it "experiences" Itself through these apparently separate forms, which sometimes look like "awake" and sometimes look like "attached."

Waking up does not necessarily mean an end to identification with "I". In fact, what is experienced here is that it no longer matters whether there is attachment to an "I" or not. The awareness is that what appears makes no difference. It is all simply the One.

I will be interested to know your thoughts on what has been said here. What a fun thing for "you" to be experiencing!


P.S. I invite you to check out the blog of the person with whom I had this conversation. Her nondual awareness (and the  expression of it) is lovely and clear! 

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