Friday, June 22, 2012

Right Here, Right Now

Q: Does The Absolute as It's limited self have any free will over It's own awakening?  I know there is no "me" that could do that, but what about The Absolute?  It produces the yearning, so can it also produce the "liberation?"

My answer is this: What do "YOU" think? When you sit with this question, what "answer" arises? Is there some thing called the Absolute that is separate from some thing called "you"? I'd be very interested to hear what comes to you.

The only thing stopping "you" from seeing your own liberation is the belief that you are not liberated. In other words, there is still a belief that there is a state called "liberated" and it will look/feel differently (maybe is more desirable) than the state that exists now (which I hear you are calling non-liberated). Whatever exists NOW, and NOW, and NOW, (whatever it looks like, feels like, etc.) is the liberated state. IS the Absolute, the One, manifesting in this way in this moment. There is NOTHING else.

Natalie :^)


  1. Thank you for sharing these thoughts Natalie. I drift into the habit of being separate, and then I'm reminded by something like this, or Richard Lang, and go 'oh, yeah...' Like Leonard Cohen sings: Here it is. Here it is indeed. It. Or not. And now it's a giggle.

  2. Hi. It's my question, and here's what I found: mind made up the question, mind tried to answer the question, and it was all made up, no permanence, just ever-changing thoughts. Much ado about nothing....If I believe mind, I create more questions. That's just too much work! How many times did I have to hear before I heard? Thanks for the clarity, Natalie. Love your stuff.

  3. I see your answer differently now. The answer is in the now. The answer is right now. We need to be okay with right now; whatever that right now happens to be.