Friday, October 22, 2010

The End of Seeking

It's done...the end of seeking. Now, it is just assimilating (for lack of a better word). Perhaps now it is just allowing, just living.

Mind still wants to spring out with questions, "Yes, but what about this? Okay, but what about this?" And that, too, is good, is It, That, All.

It quite literally feels like "I" have been stopped. Like "I" am the bullets and "I" have been stopped. What has stopped "me" is the realization that there is no "me." Literally, the understanding that there is no "me" because all that there is is simply That/the Absolute. ALL that there is, ALL that there isn't. Nothing is not That. NOTHING is not That.  And in that there is recognition that That is also "Me."  "Me," the wonder, the fear, the awe, the questions, the analogy, this blog, the words, the light in the computer, the bullets, Neo, the hallway, the contemplation of the bullets, recognition, not recognition...all are That/the Absolute.

Ego runs to hide, to escape. Twists and turns on the hangman's noose of Reality. And that, too, is the Absolute.

There is absolutely no escaping from This, because there is nothing outside of This. There is nothing to change, nothing to think about, nothing to decide on, nothing to take action for or against. There is no need for an "I," because "I" is is nothing, having no power or individual identity; no separate existence or reality. There is nothing even to do with this realization. It is done...literally..."It" is done.

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