Monday, November 8, 2010

This is the Higher Level

There's this misconception out there--one that I held, too--that once someone is "enlightened" or "realized" that they will suddenly become more loving, kinder, more tolerant.  To put it frankly--what a crock of sh*t.

One of the people I considered a teacher of mine used to say, "I lie." I used to think it was because it wasn't possible for her not to lie, since from a metaphysical point of view, you could say nothing is true. However, now I see that she may have also been saying, "I lie," meaning, she's a person who lies, knows she lies when she could be telling the truth and lies anyway.

When people behave badly in traffic; I get pissed. Has any of that changed, since I got my final answer? No, absolutely not. Because understanding what's really happening here doesn't change anything!  I don't have more control over myself. I haven't become a more loving person. I'm not improved or evolved. I just see now that whatever happens is as it should be, including "a woman stole my parking spot" and "I chased her down and called her rude." That's what happened (although that of course is a story of the past).

And this makes sense to me. If "God is everything" or there is such a thing as the Absolute, or however you want to say that, then everything is God. Everything. Nothing can be excluded from that, including the things that "we" think of as "bad," like lying, cheating, stealing, killing, etc.

There's this popular belief right now that human beings are evolving to a higher level; a higher level, meaning a level where we will no longer do those "bad" things that the so-called unevolved beings that we are right now are currently doing. We'll no longer have things like war, global warming, violence in the home, violence in our thoughts, gossip, malice, etc.  We use this arbitrary measuring stick of goodness to try to control ourselves and others; to separate ourselves from Truth and Reality (in other words, what is happening right now) and reinforce our sense of identity.

Have we considered that the supposed higher level we are all evolving to is really just understanding that this is all there is? This is it. This--what's happening right now--is the higher level.

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