Sunday, December 4, 2011


Q: Do you have any sense or knowing of what happens when we die; when the form dies?

A: The answer to your question lies in the answer to this question: “When we die, who or what is it that has died?” In the relative world, the world of duality, we are taught to see ourselves as “me”, and we are taught that anything that is not “me” is “you”. Therefore, we experience separation. We literally experience a feeling of being separate from everything around us. We experience this separateness in the form of thoughts of separation, like “I am this.” “He is that.” Or, as you state: “I am a mother, those are my children.” Or “He is my son.” Or “She is my daughter.”  

I believe the way we are taught to see ourselves as a separate being is the mechanism that allows us to experience life and the so-called world. The pain happens when we forget that we were taught to view the world this way, but what we were taught is not the truth.

Can you remember the first time that you believed that you were a separate self? Can you remember what life was like before you believed in “I”? My experience is that “Natalie” was born the moment the “I” thought was first believed. Before that, “I” did not exist. I cannot find “me” before that. As far as I can tell, I did not exist until the first moment I believed in “I”. Until that moment, no one was identifying itself as “Natalie”, a separate being, so there was no sense of separation, no sense of pain, no sense of happiness, no sense at all.

Then, for whatever reason, the sense of “Natalie” as a separate person was born. As soon as that happened, so did all the rest of the world (e.g., mother, father, sister, brother, happiness, sadness, dogs, kittens, school, etc.). And in that moment, “Natalie” became someone who had been born, who was living, and would therefore, subsequently die. However, what is it that really dies? If “Natalie” is nothing more than a concept of a separate being, then the only thing that dies is a concept. “Natalie” as a person can never die, because “Natalie” as a separate person only ever existed as a concept in my head.

In other words, “I” have never been separate from the original source, except in my own mind. That belief that “I” am separate no longer exists, therefore, “Natalie” no longer exists. She has died.

Your son existed for you as something separate from “you” (and from all others). What if your son has never been separate from you, because “you” have never been anything but an idea, born from your conditioning? Without your idea that “you” are a separate entity, and “you” gave birth to another separate entity called “John”, what is it that has died? Without the separating belief of “you” and “John”, aren’t you simply source? Aren’t you and John simply different names for the same thing? Isn’t John simply a name given to source? As your name was given to you, which “you” believe is separate, but which is just a name?

What if “Mary” and “John” and “Ginny” are all just names that stand for the different forms of Source? If “John” is a name for Source, and Source is what you also are, what, really has been lost? How could anything or anyone die?

My heart is with you. Peace to you, Mary.

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