Monday, November 28, 2011

Interview on Buddha at the Gas Pump

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  1. Natalie, This is what I want to do after listening to your you tube video - remove the pronoun 'I' from my speech for today and see where that puts my awareness.
    For example: (and this one actually heard B Katie do this once in awhile; new insight there)"This one is going to devise a way to exercise on the elliptical machine in the basement while enjoying the rest of the Natalie Gray interview." This one, or she, wants to get her body moving but also wants to have the computer at easy access. A challenge! Yipee! This is how the One will experience itself in the form called me for the next hour or so. Thanks for the sand castle analogy. LOVE this!! So very helpful, immense appreciation to the One in the form of Natalie experiencing itself as a comment reader. Please keep doing what it does... :)