Monday, June 14, 2010


Today I drove from Bend, OR to Edmonds, WA, with just a couple of breaks for gas and such. I had the thought, while coming down from the forest around Mount Hood that I was bored; tired of driving and when will these trees end! I couldn't believe I could be bored.

I started to wonder, "Who is it that's bored?" or "What is it that's bored?" How can I be bored? I don't even know what or where this I that is supposedly bored is. This started me thinking about the answer to "Who am I?"

I guess that's what part of this trip is for me; to try to answer this question. I'm starting to think it may not be possible for this mind to know who I am, but I can use it to identify who or what I am not. I am definitely not any definition that this mind could come up with; including the one that says, "I'm bored." Anything that I've stumbled upon so far is just not true and way too limited.

So, the question continues, "Who am I...?"

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  1. i think "boredom" is just a time of non-stmuli. we have gotten so used to being constantly busy and multi-tasking that when we find ourselves with no immediate task, we equate it with bored. i have chosen to think of it as a period of rest or calm for the mind.
    gorgeous river int he vid.