Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Can I really go with the flow?

I had a very interesting day today. It was a rest day of sorts, since the friend I'm staying with had to work.

My friend recommended a trail to me that runs along the Sacramento River. I loved the idea of walking along a river trail, and since I thought it would be interesting to take others' suggestions on this trip, I took her suggestion.

But not all of it...I decided that I knew more then she did about what I would like on a walk along the river, so I only heard the part about "walk along the river" and "pedestrian bridge" on one end.

I conveniently did NOT hear her when she said "use my bike," "DO NOT walk on the north side of the trail," and "it's a haul to the bridge."

So I go, and it is apparent to me, even at the beginning, that this may not be the best idea. And it isn't. There is very little shade, even less view of the river, I walk on the north side, because I figure she doesn't know what she's talking about, and it takes 2.5 miles to even get to the bridge, at which point I have to keep going because there is no other way to get back.

Lesson here...I do NOT know better. My friends do. If I'm going to take peoples' suggestions, I might want to listen to all of it, not the part that appeals to me.

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