Wednesday, December 29, 2010


What is the physical, emotional, psychological, mental world and all its aspects but the million aliases of the Absolute/All That Is? What is the Absolute/All That Is but that which goes by the million aliases that masquerade as the physical, psychological, mental, and emotional world?

The Absolute/All That Is aka: apple, afraid, abs, art, banana, blueberry, beauty, coffee, crime, cool, crazy, deluded, dance, desire, duality, existence, eagerness, everything, eggs, fat, forests, freedom, future, god, grapes, grit, grime, happiness, hilarity, hate, high heels, hurt, ice, ice cream, icicles, iciness, ideas, inspiration, insanity, juice, jumping, jam, justification, judgment, juries, killing, kindness, karaoke, laughter, lightheaded, light, love, mistakes, murder, music, muscle, mind, nature, nuts, nervous, now, nipples, nothing, onions, opinions, oddities, oranges, oceans, oneness, past, ponds, pandering, putrefication, puzzlement, pain, peace, pleasure, queens, quips, queries, raspberries, rape, religion, release, running, rum, rams, sandwiches, sanity, sadism, sacredness, seeds, sarcasm, trains, thoughts, tunnels, twisters, torture, temptation, truth, untruth, universe, ugly, unity, virility, vitality, verity, water, war, world, weirdness, wonder, x-rays, yams, youth, yawns, zippers, zest, and on and on and on...

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